We’re a Polish film director
Meets a German motion designer duo combining classical storytelling skills with abstract design thinking. 
Marta was born in Eastern Europe just before the fall of the Berlin Wall and grew up watching its transition from communism to capitalism. It must have been a turbulent process because somehow she ended up living in 3 different countries and speaking 3 languages on an everyday basis. She studied Cultural Studies in the UK, Directing at Lodz Film School and graduated from an International Program at the Filmakademie BW, where she met…

Henning – a German country boy, who never knew what his drawing skills were good for until he discovered storyboards and film. During his Motion Design studies at the Filmakademie BW he realised that what he enjoyed most was designing digital universes from scratch.

He also met Marta.

Together, they develop client-tailored powerful visual languages that stop the “scroll”, creating eye-catching content that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. 

Inviting clients to participate in the creative process to ensure every idea and detail is discussed and considered, Marta and Henning’s productions do not only stand out, but, most importantly, stay true to the client’s vision. 

Their portfolio includes brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Continental or Flixbus.